Instructions on Using Tramadol

Tramadol is a pain-killing drug that is used for treating moderate to moderately severe type of pain.  This medication comes in extended-releases to help people who need to relieve pain for extended periods.  This drug belongs to the type of medication they call opiate agonist.  It basically works by augmenting how our body perceives pain.  Using tramadol 50mg should always be as prescribed by your physician.

Tramadol 50mg comes in tablet form with an extended release action that is long lasting so as to provide comfort for those who need continuous pain relief.  This medication should be taken orally with or without food every 4-6 hours or as needed.  However, for the extended release tablet, it should only be taken once a day.  It is necessary to take this type of medication exactly as instructed by your physician.  You should never take more than as prescribed because you risk yourself of serious side effects or possibly even death.

Usually, your physician will have you start taking tramadol on low doses first before gradually increasing the amount you are taking.  If you are taking the regular tablets, this will last for about 3 days, but for the extended release tablets, usually it takes around 5 days before the increase is permitted.

When taking the extended release tablets, it is important that you swallow them whole, otherwise, their main function of being an extended release type will be all for naught.  Never chew, split, or crush these extended release tablets because they are scientifically designed to slowly dissolve in your stomach.  Using this medication aside from the recommended swallow whole direction may cause serious side effects or possibly even death.

Tramadol 50mg is said to be habit-forming so never take more than the dose prescribed to you by your physician.  If you intend on taking more medication or if you have certain changes in your mood or behavior, it is highly suggested to call your physician immediately.

If you have been taking tramadol 50mg for some time, it is highly advised that you don’t abruptly stop the medication without consulting with your physician first.  It is highly likely that your physician will slowly decrease dosage so that you do not experience any withdrawal symptoms.  Withdrawal is usually what happens when people abruptly halts any strong medications they are taking.  Withdrawal symptoms will include difficultly in sleeping, numbing, tingling hands or feet, sweating, nervousness, colds with runny nose and sneezing, burning sensations, nausea, and more often than not, pain.  There are even times when hallucinations occur with some patients.

Before taking tramadol 50mg, it is best that you inform your physician of any allergies that you have along with other types of medication that you might be taking.  Also, make sure that you keep all your appointments with your physician so that he can check you up properly to see if there is any progress in your condition.  Remember always that these are your medications and they are prescribed only for you.  Never let anyone take your medication because in the end, your conscience will be responsible if anything happens to that someone you’ve shared your medications with.